Catalonia wins: large majority for the right to decide




The last Catalan Parliament elections (November 25) have consolidated a large majority of political parties who believe that the Catalans have the right to decide their future. 65% of the 135 seats will be occupied by 87 politicians who will promote the future referendum on the independence. Convergence and Union (CiU) has been the most voted with 50 deputies. As a second force remains Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC) with 21 deputies. The other political forces for the right to decide are ICV (13) and CUP (3). The vast majority sovereigntist (CiU, ERC, CUP, 74 deputies) strengthens the voice of the million and a half citizens who took to the streets on September 11. The unionist parties -with Spain- have obtained the results predicted in the polls: PSC, 20 deputies; PP, 19 deputies; and Cs, 9 deputies.

The electoral analysis has multiple readings. But one stands out above all. Catalonia wins. It will do a referendum although Spain prohibited. Nobody can stop democracy. The international community will ensure that not interrupting the democratic process leading to Catalonia to wonder about their future.


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