CATALAN WAY: 1.600.000 people in a big human chain

According to the Assemblea Nacional Catalana (ANC), which organized the human chain of September 11, 2013, the Catalan Way “needs to become the prelude to independence. The world has to look again towards Catalonia to witness the majority and democratic desire of the Catalan people, and also strengthen the process which will allow Catalans to achieve freedom no later than 2014. Now is the time for the “Via Catalana”, the Catalan way. Linked together, united, stretching across the country in a human chain to make the desire of the majority of Catalans (to become a new state in Europe)come true“.

A small sample, non-exhaustive, of the international media reaction on September 11, 2013.


Euskal Herria

Tri-City Herald. Catalans form huge human chain for independence.

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